Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Ozarks in Springtime...

I've always been enamored by the beauty and mystery of Spring. Every year I feel like a kid again, even now, in my forties.
What an incredible thing to watch as the earth comes to life again, as each new leaf and bud awake from month after month of cold, dreary, barrenness.

Here is a neat little poem to celebrate this incredible season...


                                              As the last snow flake melts and fades away
                                              I'm reminded of the promise of Spring

                                             The welcome of sunshine and warmth and of color
                                             Now the new brilliant season will bring

                                            The flowers yawn and stretch out their arms, 
                                             Eager to awake from a long winter's rest

                                            Soon will the hillsides and meadows alike
                                            With blossoms and fragrance and beauty be blessed

                                            The excited scurry of animal and bright song of bird
                                            Shout your fanfare on high

                                            What a blissful, beautiful, wonderful time is Spring
                                            Goodbye Winter, goodbye!



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